Reducing grease and other organic waste accumulating in the waste water collection system has many benefits. Water is a commodity that has a limited supply. Improper management of wastewater has been seen on a widespread basis. Proper wastewater treatment removes oxygen demanding organic materials rendering it more acceptable. Also wastewater treatment also removes other objective materials and nutrients such as nitrogen and heavy metals. All these items can and do have severe and lasting negative impacts on our environment.

Amerimac is dedicated to providing sales and services of biological solutions to meet the demands of commercial, residential, and municipal customers seeking efficient environmentally friendly and cost savings methods for eliminating waste while protecting their assets.

Some ideal industries for our products and services include.- Dairy Farms, Wineries, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Food Processing Plants, Paper Plants, Chicken Plants and many more.

Amerimac Chemical treating a municipal lift station, ridding it of grease and Hydrogen Sulfide gas.

Before Bioremediation

After Bioremediation

Amerimac Chemical shown delivering microbes into a municipal lagoon bioremediating chicken grease and other waste