Amerimac prides itself in having arguably the top Agriculture products on the market. Suma Grow nutrient enriching soil product has amazed the agricultural market. Suma Grow is now in 40 countries and there is a great reason why. Suma Grow is a patent pending array of 30 strains of naturally occurring soil microbes blended with a liquid humate base The product in layman’s terminology, consists of concentrated ,Mother Nature. Perhaps even more important ly is what it is not. It is not genetically modified bacteria or growth hormones whose long term effects are unknown. Nor is it irradiation or chemicals that can be harmful to humans, livestock or the environment.

Amerimac Agricultural microbial product is akin to feeding a human organically grown food and nutritional supplements in a nurturing environment rather than junk food and steroid in a neglected environment. Conventional farming utilizes petrochemical based fertilizers-Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium is the equivalent of using steroids. Suma Grow rehabilitates the soil making the soil healthier, and highly compatible with sustainable farming. Our product will enhance the soil’s ability to naturally remediate existing soil contaminants, improve its water retention capacity, improve it’s chelating abilities to prevent the leeching and runoff of pesticides and other chemical applications and improve the soils organic mass for sustainable production of plant life.

Crops that will benefit are corn, soybean rice watermelon, wheat hay, cotton, and many more.

Suma Grow is a broad spectrum product capable of working on a variety of plants including, but not limited to , legumes, non- legumes, vegetables such as corn, cabbage, squash, greens, cereals, fodder crops and many more. Suma Grow is also great on golf courses, sod, hay and wheat. It is effective in a variety of environments such as high and low pH, wet and dry soil, and in relatively cold, temperate, and hot climates.

This product is completely user friendly. The benefit that most producers seek from using micronutrient fertilizers is an increase in income due to increased yield or quality of harvested products. However in the most severely deficient soils, the application of micronutrient fertilizer makes an absolute difference between being able to use land productivity for agriculture or not. Poly- microbial formulations have the potential to greatly increase crop productivity with less dependence on petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides, and alleviate negative health and environmental consequences associated with their use.

  • Nutrient and water uptake
  • Crop Yield
  • Root and Plant growth
  • Soil Health and water retention
  • Taste and Quality of Crops
  • Bioactive Substances Needed for Plant Growth and Development
  • Healthy Decomposition of Organic Matter
  • Cation Exchange Capacity
  • Effects of Microbes and Organisms
  • Stresses of Transplanting and Drought
  • Pest Infestations of Insects, Harmful Microbes and Nematodes
  • Reliance in Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Amount of Toxins in Soil Associated with Harmful Organisms
  • Reduce Purification